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Why should e-Commerce businesses focus on Digital Marketing?

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Digital marketing is basically a concept or a way of marketing where you eradicate the conventional method of offline marketing initiatives and use the internet to advertise your products or services.

Why should e-Commerce Businesses focus on Digital Marketing? Kiix

It comprises of various marketing initiatives like email marketing, Affiliate marketing, Content marketing, Pay per click, Channel partner, Mobile marketing, Search engine marketing and optimization, blog mentions, etc. Through these initiatives generally a digital marketer drives traffic to product page or generates conversions directly by attaching some kind of forms in the campaign.

Benefits of digital marketing

Cost effective

Promoting or advertising your product or service digitally is more affordable and cost effective as compared to other means of offline promotions. In some cases, depending on traffic the cost may vary but it will be still better that the conventional way of offline marketing.

Access from anywhere

Now-a-days almost everyone owns a smartphone and using digital mode of advertisement will help in getting noticed on the phone of the users on which they are active most of the time. As everyone is active on their phone for various reasons like social networking, news and countless other activities, you can be in front of them on their phone by marking your product or service presence digitally.

Testing through pilot program

There are a lot of ways to promote your business digitally like banner ads, PPC campaigns, content marketing, social media mentions. One has a broad access to the opportunities in making their business presence online through these initiatives. Also, flexibility of getting the campaign paused or stopped in case they are not performing up to the mark makes this campaign more effective. Pilot programs are generally for testing purpose only which plays a major role in making future strategy by measuring the performance of the campaign.

Exponential growth of business

Most of the consumers do their research or even shopping through online modes, hence using the google ads and other sources you can create a brand awareness and can also attract buyers from there which can help in boosting your sales exponentially.

Mixed media

A marketing content which consists of various things like images, video clips tend to attract

more users. And in digital mode of marketing, it is easier to include these things in the

campaign and it is of grave importance.

Real time interaction with users

Digital mode of marketing develops a chance to interact directly to your costumers through

various means like messaging through website, social media post, reviews etc. And the real

time interaction with the customers helps in building brand trust and their responses helps in

gathering invaluable data for making future strategies.


Apart from real time interaction digital marketing allows you to have a tracking data of

customers like what type of ads they are viewing before making a purchase or what are their

segmented area of research for the product. This helps in using your marketing campaigns

more cost effectively and in a refined way.


Through digital marketing you can mark your presence by taking ownership of certain areas

of business by commenting on the issues related to your product and coming as an industry

expert to keep your thoughts on that segment, and eventually the users will trust you and

they will come back to you in future for more related information. This will help in gaining a

recurring customer base.

Marketing through the influencers

Now-a-days there are a lot of influencers with huge follower’s base. If you use your

marketing strategy right by choosing a right influencer who can endorse your product you

can easily gain their followers as some of your customers.

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