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How PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Ad platforms like google and Facebook can impact your business?

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Pay-Per-Click usually called PPC is a type of advertisement done in which a certain amount

is charged on per click basis to be on the search engine result page. The result page of the

search engine will display your ads on the basis of keywords which is created for the direct

visitors and eventually an amount will be charged if the visitor clicks on the ads.

Pay Per Click Kiix

As of now this Pay-Per-Click model is commonly leveraged on the big giant platform like

Google, Bing, Facebook etc. Now-a-days this Pay-Per-Click model is also becoming popular

in indirect advertisement platforms which offers only organic traffic and totally depends on

the inbound visitors. Comparatively the pricing is high on these indirect platforms as they

offer only inbound traffics by getting their SEO strongly optimized and also the traffic from

these indirect platforms is the filtered one and quite commonly of those who are having an

intent to go for the product or service mentioned.

Benefits of PPC campaign on Google, Facebook etc.

These giant platforms like Google and Facebook have a huge and diverse traffic which

covers almost all the categories of the business. Placing any ads on these platforms can

bring traffic from targeted locations and one can also choose to get traffic from anywhere

worldwide by going for the global PPC marketing.

PPC ads on Facebook and Google is quite cost effective as their charges are parallel to the

services they provide, also they have cookie policy where one will not be charged for the

non-unique or spider and bot clicks. Generally, a PPC ad campaign on google generates a

conversion ratio of 5%.

PPC campaign on these platforms produces result in short span of time and the data from

these campaigns can help in improving the SEO strategy for the business. Also, these ads

help in getting the business ranked with even low domain ratings.

Important strategy for running PPC ads on Google and Facebook

In the next step while running a PPC ad, keywords must be targeted and used exactly as per

the business offerings and keeping the traffic stats of that particular keywords in notice. If the

keywords are placed at right place and is exactly related to the product or service one is

offering can gain a lot of relevant quality and qualified leads. And this thing eventually leads

to a better ROI for the business and also from the PPC campaign running.

Landing pages works as a deciding factor for ROI. Keeping the landing pages most

responsive and simple to use can help in converting the traffics to conversions. If the landing

pages will have a minimum detail form which seems easy to fill for user, they will eventually

drop some contact information there which can be leveraged by taking the information and

converting it into a lead for taking it into the next funnel of the pipeline.

Match types is another term which needs to be taken care of while running these ads. One

should choose match types from broad, modified broad, phrase, and exact match. Going for

broad matches will leads google to display your ads on any part of your keyword, while going

for exact will help in getting traffic exactly from the mentioned keywords.

Maintaining PPC campaign effectiveness for business

First of all, while running PPC ads on Google and Facebook one need to take care of bids

while getting the PPC campaign started and should look into it from ROI aspect. The price of

per click should be equally balanced taking care of the percentage of conversions which can

be carried out. Apart from CPC one has also to look into the things like Ad rank, Quality

score, Maximum bid, Ad text and keywords.


PPC campaign on Google and Facebook can prove beneficial for the business as they

provide cost effective marketing and produces result in short span of time. To get better ROI

from these campaigns all the aspects like CPC, Match type, Keywords, Maximum bid, Ad

text, Landing page, Quality score, Ad rank should be taken care of.

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